is one of the most common lipodystrophies that affects about 85% of women over 20 years of age. Two types of cellulite were distinguished: first type is hard cellulite otherwise called aqueous and second type soft cellulite.

The symptoms of cellulite are divided into subjective symptoms (feeling of heaviness and excessive tension of lower limbs, cramps, paresthesia, tingling, periodic pain of slight intensity, usually spontaneous) and symptoms noticed by doctors (symptom of „orange peel” and „mattress symptom, stretch marks, changes in coloring: discoloration and excessive pigmentation of the skin). Physical examination may additionally include: subcutaneous tissue edema, micro-vascularization, varicose veins, as well as trophic changes on the skin.

There are four degrees of cellulite’s development associated with thermographic, clinical and histopathological changes:

  • stage I – reduction of skin elasticity
  • stage II – reduction of skin elasticity, paleness of skin, negative pinch test
  • stage III – reduction of skin elasticity, paleness of skin, locally positive pinch test, small clots, orange peel effect
  • stage IV – reduction of skin elasticity, paleness of the complexion, clearly positive pinch test result, larger lumps

How does a shockwave work?

Shockwave Therapy (SWT-Shockwave Therapy) uses healing characteristics of acoustic wave with specific properties, such as a high, stepped pressure released in a very short time. Energy is transferred to the body through an applicator applied to the skin, with which it is coupled by a gel. Due to the penetration of the waves into the body, with appropriately selected treatment parameters, this therapy is effective in treating disease processes located both on the surface and on the deeper located tissues. The emitted acoustic wave on the skin causes relaxation of the connective tissue and increases the firmness of the epidermis. Therefore it improves local blood circulation in tissues and stimulates the breakdown of fat cells and decreases its volume.

This method brings not only long-lasting effects, but it is completely safe, non-invasive and painless. A skin and connective tissue become elastic and firm through the production of new dense collagen, and thus the signs of cellulite in the form of skin pits are reduced.

Biological impact of shockwave on tissues:

  • improvement of the local microcirculation
  • strengthening connective tissue
  • increasing the flow of lymph
  • reduction of fat cells
  • acceleration of tissue metabolism
  • stimulating the production of dense collagen and elastin
  • increasing the inflow of blood and nutrients to tissues