A SHOCKWAVE TREATMENT IN UROLOGY is carried out only according to the Urologist referral
The application of the shockwave therapy must always be predicted with a full clinical test. Before treatment any bacterial infection and malfunctures of cancer should be excluded.

Frequency of treatment: every 3-4 days
Expected number of treatments: 8 -10

After the shockwave therapy rest is recommended.
The application of shockwave therapy causes biological processes reminiscent of acute inflammation, which in the later stage causes intensive acceleration of the healing process. Therefore, during the first few days after the procedure a rest recommendation should be followed.


How does a shockwave work?

The urology treatment is mainly focus mainly on the positive impact of the shockwave on local neovascularization, i.e. on the halting of chronic inflammation. These long-term mechanisms are further enhanced by local vasodilatation and immediate relief of pain.

The Shockwave accelerates tissue growth and regeneration.

Complications: Side effects in shockwave therapy are extremely rare. In the event of their occurrence, they usually disappear the day after therapy. The most common side effects are: temporary change in the sensitivity of the treated area – hypersensitivity or slight pain, temporary and local swelling and surface hematoma.