may be caused by heel spurs, which are degenerative changes in the region of the calcaneal tuberosity (heel bone), which lies superior to the plantar fascia at the insertion of the plantar fascia which causes inflammation of the plantar aponeurosis and pain that limits or prevents movement.

Degeneration arises as a result of excessive loading of the foot, or/and result of an untreated injury. Additional factors are age, weight, and bad footwear.

Currently, one of the most effective forms of heel spur’s treatment is the shockwave. At the Rehmedicon Clinic 80% of cases for which a shockwave treatment is performed is a heel spur.


How does a shockwave work?

The purpose of the shockwave treatments at the Rehmedicon Clinic is to reduce pain to extent that allows an introduction of a physical rehabilitation and regaining a full range of movement. An application of shockwave treatment at the pain related areas and its surroundings.

The treatment consists of stimulating metabolism and blood circulation. The amount of collagen increases. A muscle tension is reduced under the influence of the propagating wave. 

An expected number of treatments in series vary from 4-8 depending on the treatment procedure.

The interval between treatments should last between 5-10 days and gradually lengthen with each treatment.